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About Pi Manager

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Pi Manager

MISSION. This site is best described by its purposes, thoughts and actions. Its mission is improving your human capital, in general. This site is free of prejudices, hate and discrimination, Our motto is evident within the notion that we are stronger united. We must be together in this planet; there is no easy way out. We must realize that we all deserve equal opportunities because the success or failure of an individual is the success or failure of hers or his entire community. Thus, our intent is to provide tools and procedures with which we level the plane field of fair and equal competition.

OBJECTIVES: The way to change our community is not with words alone but with effective and efficient actions. Deeds are the essence of change. Our objective is to design, implement and maintain five fundamental commitments.

1. Freedom of information transfer.

We hold as evidence that mankind evolves due to the accumulation of knowledge, skills, and experience – our Human Capital. But it is also true that if we behave with selfish attitudes and do not share that human capital our evolution is inefficient and slow. Part of our objective is to transfer proven knowledge, skills, and experience to those who needs it, in particular, our younger generations. Each individual does not need to discover reality when such reality – human capital – has already been discovered. We must transfer to others, whomever needs it, our knowledge, skills, and experience.

 2. Advancement of Human Capital

Differences in our societies for many centuries have created wide social gaps. These gaps are source of economical inequalities and, possibly, social unrest. We maintain that these gaps can only be closed in when balanced distribution of human capital allows each individual reach levels of preparations for competing fairly in any free enterprise system and free market. We hold that individual efficiency comes from effective application of hers or his human capital. However,  the individual efficiency is achieved when an individual has adequate preparation to compete, fairly.


3. Commitment to Excellence

Pi Manager is committed to excellence, considering that there is one, and only one, truth and reality. The excellence of life comes when the best and most accurate information is exchanged among us. Pi Manager selects and retains individuals with the highest level of knowledge, skills, and experience, so you may receive the best of human capital available. We screen and select the most appropriate subjects, following your suggestions and or feedback comments.

4. Community Participation

This site is dedicated to serve the local and world communities, and we invite you to join us in our movement – promote and advance our human capital. Come learn or mentor other members’ learning, helping them update their human capital. Come in and learn to improve or advance your own. Earn tutoring our fellow members in the area of expertise you have – share it.



5. Non-Profiteering


Pi Manager is not a profiteering enterprise. We plan to operate at cost plus a percentage necessary to continue our development and growth. Our objective is to provide human capital at the lowest cost possible to you. We accept donations.

1. Revenue may mainly come from third party ads, from instructional fees, printed and e-version books, items for sale.

2. This site advocates third party’s products and services advertisements on our pages at minimal cost. The site installed  a dedicated software to manage and operate third party’s promotions and advertisements.

3. Our intent is to facilitate experienced members to work and earn at any of the open positions announced in our bulletin. Particularly, those members willing to become a teacher.

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