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Along communicate directly with experienced teachers

Proactive participation promotes your learning success. A forward action toward participation is raising the communication level between you and your teacher. Effective communication consists of talking with your teacher, creating a partnership for your learning experience, through an open line of communication. Pi Manager provides ways for communicating  with your mentors, effectively.

When making questions, provide information that will help the teacher get to know your as an individual. Ask your instructor about expectations,  class requirements and what to further your understanding of a subject.

Find out the best way to contact the teacher. Ask for times when it is convenient to talk.

In e-mail communication, be specific, stick to the point, and use no animation, pictures or graphics. Stick to class or lesson-related information in e-mail. Be positive and inquisitive. State the nature of your concern and or question at front, then explain what assistance or help you need.  Focus on solutions and work with the teacher to come up with a healthy plan to help you understand.

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