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AWRNS our news media channel!

AWRNS is our news [awareness] media to inform or be informed. You may contribute, reporting in writing, photos, audio narratives, videos or movies, of life events. This News Channel is for advancing our social cultures, human capital — Knowledge, Skills, and experience. You can choose your news category and start posting your news stories.

Coverage: Pi Manager accepts all happenings independent of place of origin. The main purpose of news is to inform, instruct and or alert members of happenings that have importance for the global community.

Our site and this news channel rejects discrimination of any kind, hate and prejudices, demeaning or defaming other persons. We reject personal vendettas, and the like. covers the world.

Enjoy your posting!

Site Progress

We are still working on pimgr.com. Although our site is open, we have a lot of work to do on it. It is an instructional site and we are working ...

Americans in Puerto Rico

All, USA citizen, have the same rights and duties, and Puerto Rico is a USA territory, The people in Puerto Rico are Americans deserving the ...

Earthquake in Mexico

La desgracia que sucedio en Mexico debe unir a los pueblos hermanos, Nuestra ayuda debe llegarles ahora que la necesidad los abruma. Oremos por ...

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Some Toughts (3)

  1. added on 21 Sep, 2017

    Where do we read the breaking news?

  2. added on 22 Sep, 2017

    Bienaventurados los humildes de corazon porque de ellos es el entendimiento.

    • added on 22 Sep, 2017

      Blessed are the humble of heart for theirs is understanding.

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