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Friendly schools open with modern teaching methods

Friendly schools open with modern teaching methods

LEARN: Merging Principles with Experience

Our approach to learning is to implement friendly cyber learning as a multi-component structure, based on a synergistic approach to teaching and learning, mixing principles with experience. Between a teacher and a student there is a subject in open discussion. However, it is the way a teacher presents that subject the effectiveness of teaching, resulting in higher efficiency of students learning. Social interaction becomes a factor of teaching-learning, as each student may peer with other students, through social media, to exchange thoughts of their common subject understanding. The traditional “chalk and talk” method of teaching is less and less effective nowadays, students has become a researching and internet bug, and teachers’ function focusses on teaching better ways to learn. Greater student interaction is promoted, and the measures of ultimate learning is cast on the optimum ability to apply, efficiently and effectively, what has been learned. Teaching and teachers have become transparent, a voice in the background, that must be exact, factual, and prompt. Subjects are reduced to principles and practical applications thereof. This modern approach to teaching and learning becomes an experiential-instructional methodology, presenting factual evidence of underlying principles that students can use to build upon. Thus, Pi Manager, moves to creating learning systems reflected in courses, classes, lessons, etc., developed by each author-teacher out of their own proven human capital. An approach to teaching-learning that truly works.

Innovative: The modern teacher must be willing to innovate and try new things, both teaching skills and educational apps, ICT tools and electronic devices. The modern teacher must be an “early adopter”.

Tech Enthusiast: The modern teacher must not only be innovative but also be willing to explore new, guided, technologies. Whether it is iPads, apps or personal learning environments, modern teachers should  be in constant search of new ICT solutions to implement in their classrooms.

Social: Modern teachers should lead the conversation to social networks to explore possibilities outside of the class itself. Indeed a teacher must concentrate on teaching “students to learn on their own [analytical perception and logical conception]”.

Proactive schools that advocate and enhance student’s understanding, skill, and experience are more likely to promote individuals’ social development. Remember, human capital is an individual property and only each student can raise its value.

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