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BETA TEST TIME — Pimgr.com is not yet in full functional operation.

This is a test run for the purpose of checking and controlling quality and site performance to deliver smooth service, including, debugging and modifying our site.

We opened the site, however, for you to register, enter, browse through what we are bringing to the world community. We kindly ask you for your comments. Please, tell us what you would like to see, expect and want to use. The Beta spin Period will take at most ninety calendar days. Thank you for your collaboration and participation.

Welcome to Pi Manager.

      A Human Capital Exchange Bank

This site has been engineered and designed for the exclusive purpose of promoting the advancement of your knowledge, skills, and experience — that is, your human capital. We accomplish our mission by retaining developed and matured individuals willing to share their proven human capital accumulated throughout their careers.

We offer conveniences such as,

  • Instructional Programs: Courses, classes, lessons, workshops, on various subjects, emphasizing project management.
  • Free Blog open for common everyday issues, such as, economic, political, and social issues
  • Site Store: Pi Manager facilitates a full-page for members to buy and sell various items. The site provides e-commerce software integrated with PayPal for safe and secure transacting.
  • News Center: Pi Manager installed and maintains AWRNS, a news channel, where you may experience the excitement of journalistic work, posting news, events, or developing happenings you are witnessing.


Our Classes

We proudly mention that mentors and teacher develop, edit, publish, manage and maintain our own courses, classes, and lessons, and they also mentor or teach their own written work.  Our facilities include a top teaching-learning management system, LMS, of superb effectiveness and quality used by several prestigious institutions. Our classes our consistently created in a top down structure from courses to quizzes. Our instructional methodology maintains a high performance control with an established passing bar set to 85% efficiency. We allow our students to take a course, class lessons twice to maximize our teaching and learning effectiveness.

Business Management

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Rated 5.00 out of 5

Business Law

3 Month Beginner

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Rated 4.50 out of 5

Economic Analysis

2M Master

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Our Teachers help you to reach your goals

We also proudly state that teacher candidates go through a tough and strict vetting process, selecting the top ranking participants to occupy a teaching position. A key factor in our formula for success is our candidate selection process: we select individuals we long career and experience, authoring hers or his own course, class, lesson or workshop. We believe that is nothing better than commissioning a person to teach the author of the subject matter.

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Comments from our Students

We conduct an open door site. We invite anybody, guests, students, teachers, staff, and similar to comment on our site structure, operation, courses, classes, lessons, etc. We must mention that this site will develop faster and better — and perhaps more useful —  if all you tell us what you would like to see or have available at our site. Your feedback is very important to us.

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