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Post on Social

We, people,  are social in general. In fact, this is one reason we gather in good and bad times. It is in bad time when we show the strings that make our human fabric. Those who love others have a tendency to care and share. Obviously, there are egotistic people, envious, prejudiced people, etc. that isolate themselves to dream up ways to cheat or take advantage of others. Good people must unite against those who chose to do harm, in any way, proceeding to care and share. Post your comment.

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  1. added on 5 Sep, 2017

    Men are created equal as existential entities; However, in the reality of its nature men have deficiencies and differences with respect to human capitals, physical and mental abilities. That is to say, not all men have the same knowledge, skills, and experiences; these attributes are constrained by men physical nature. Thus, These conditions challenge the concept of equality and our moral duty to balance such human differences.

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