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Printed Books

Printed Books

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This is our list of all our printed books — registered in the library of congress of the United States. Any author-member can announce and advertise their written work in Pi Manager Store for a small fee.

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Project Information Manager, Vol. 1



Project Information Manager, Vol. 1, Pre Construction Phase is a practical reference manual describing the project preconstruction activities in detail. The reader learns the entire preconstruction phase management going through the chronological steps of a typical design-development phase. Junior managers become experts in project management following the steps described in the paragraphs, sections, and chapters.
The book describes in depth how the needs of a project is born, explaining a procedure to translate user’s desires and owners’ visions into a project’s solution summary. The solution is the base for project hierarchical planning, PHP, which finally serves to define a project’s fundamental criteria.
The book describes in detail the design-development process up until the design package translates into a final bid package. The book describes how managers can develop their own project management procedure. PMP, using guidelines, flowchart samples, and graphics throughout the book, which they can modify on other projects.

Marketing & Distribution

Author: Miguel Soto
Pages: 414
Hardcover Price: $68.95
ISBN (Hardcover): 978-1-64027-075-6


The marketing and publicity campaign for the “Project Information Manager, Vol. 1” is being undertaken by the Page Publishing marketing department. Promotion of the book includes the dissemination and delivery of a high volume of press releases, various Twitter and  Facebook postings, and assorted online advertising campaigns.

“Project Information Manager, Vol. 1” is available for the wholesale order through the Ingram Content Network.

About the Author

Miguel thinks seniors accumulate a vast amount of knowledge, skills, and experiences in their lives, which they transfer to young people, easing their task of building a better world faster. He holds project management as a cyclic  and exact system, which we must manage with precise reusable tools and repeatable procedures, guaranteeing successful completion every time.

Miguel studied personnel management, project cost tracking and accounting, and financial analysis, planning, scheduling, and estimating on his own, becoming an all-around project manager. He sees project management as a cyclic and exact system, and managers need standard tools and procedures, such as a reference manual, to run their project repeatedly from concept to closeout, Thus, he wrote this book, on project management realizes his philosophy.

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