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Pi Manager Icon

Our Pi Manager icon is a steering wheel guiding our boat through a pre-planned path. It symbolizes the management of the actions we take towards an objective, target, or destination —  That’s life, in essence. The implication is that we must have a  previously scripted plan and a point where we want to be at certain time in life.

This boat, Pi Manager, requires a strong and capable crew as it glides forward into this blue ocean of information exchange. However, it director, Mike Soto, will carefully select that crew in time. For the moment, we can only show an organizational container.




Base Organizational Chart


Pi Manager Organization


Staffing Preference: Pi Manager objectives is to seek, vet and retain executives, management staff, teachers, mentors tutors from within subscribed members. Pi Manager will post vacancies on the site blog section. Applications with resumes is required.

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