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Tax Change

The richer will continue getting richer The poor will sink in deeper economic slavery Americans must study the details of this new tax-legislation, rejecting taxes, which will make the middle and lower classes slaves of misery and survival. This is not the American dream envisioned by the founders of this great nation. The colonist rebelled against the […]

Site Progress

We are still working on pimgr.com. Although our site is open, we have a lot of work to do on it. It is an instructional site and we are working on courses and classes development. These endeavors take time. We have added a music player that user can operate. It plays across pages when this […]

Beta Testing

Beta Testing

We continue our site’s beta testing, Some changes have already been make and uploaded to the production site. We post this as a site issue in the site issue category.

Americans in Puerto Rico

All, USA citizen, have the same rights and duties, and Puerto Rico is a USA territory, The people in Puerto Rico are Americans deserving the same attention as other USA citizens anywhere else. Maria actually wiped out this US island and the american citizens living on this island are suffering, The US government is not […]

Earthquake in Mexico

La desgracia que sucedio en Mexico debe unir a los pueblos hermanos, Nuestra ayuda debe llegarles ahora que la necesidad los abruma. Oremos por los seres que se fueron con este cataclismo y pidamos porque la resignacion y paz llegue a las almas de los parientes en su dolor

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