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Become a Pimgr.com member, only, if you agree with our site policies.

Your subscription, as an acceptance of  membership, to Pi Manager is evidence of (1) that you have read this site policies written herein above, in its entirety, (2) that have given due thought and understand our policies and consequences, (3) that you, therefore, agree to behave according to these policies or site rules, (4) that you will assume the consequences of your behavior, and (5) by taking a Pimgr.com membership you fully consent and will accept a corresponding application of consequence, sanction or penalty, for your behavior in this site.

Our Order

The Universe functions in a perfect order, following pre-established and infallible laws. There is no chaos in the world; everything follows predetermined path governed by causal and casual event laws. It is not the same in the world of men, where they follow capricious attitudes, indeed with no order, most of the time. This site does not pretend perfection, but its endeavors focus on a systematic repeatable approach ensuring effective results. There are rules of behavior and performance we all must follow.

Treat and respect other members in the way you want to be treated.

Protect others rights so they protect your own.

Let others be if you want to have your freedoms: Choice, expression, religions, personal tendencies, etc.

Care and share is a prerequisite for membership: Give to receive.

Discrimination is not allowed at this site.

This site does not tolerates prejudices of any kind.

Hateful expressions of any kind is not tolerated at this site.

No egotistic behavior is allowed at this site.

This site does not tolerate bullying of any kind, by anyone.

Here at Pi Manager all members are equal; thus, demeaning others is not permitted at this site.

The site does not tolerate pornography, sexual comments, insinuations, or displays of any kind.

Negative attitudes tend to drag members and site development, and it is rejected. This site welcomes members’ cooperation at all levels, expecting feedback, positive or negative, to improve our common venture.


Sanctions and penalties

Members have the responsibility of reporting any violation of our site rules, and upon confirmation of a complaint, the site will apply corresponding action or actions. The site maintains a policy of “three strikes and you are out”. There is no appeal for reinstatement.

Strike One

Pi Manager staff will study a complain and confirming its veracity will proceed to warn a member under suspicion of violation of rules or offence. The result of the investigation and consequential action, the site will publish it on its blog.

Strike Two

Pi Manager will proceed as in the case of Strike one and upon confirmation of a fault, offense, and or violation of a site rule, will proceed to suspend the member for a time period depending upon the type and or severity of the fault, offense, and or rule violation. All violation will be posted on the site blog.

Strike Three

Pi Manager will proceed as in the case for Strike Two, and upon confirmation without doubts of a fault, offense, and or violation of a site rule, will proceed to issue a notice of separation, and in fact separate, the member who committed the fault, offense, and or a violation of a site rule.

Separation or cancellation of a Membership

Pimgr.com grants a membership to you in response to your voluntary action, which is considered as you free will decision to become a Pimgr.com member. Therefore, you have the following options: (1) Cancel your subscription or membership at any time, for whatever reason you may have, without issuing any notice of separation, (2) you may cancel your enrollment on any course, classes, lessons, workshop, and the like, at any time; however, your membership will continue until enrollments as mentioned are closed completely.

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