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The world is shrinking by population growth, The demand for groceries and supplies grow as a function of population growth and its consumption rate . However, production stresses out to satisfy the growing demand, restricted by the steady pace of nature, Transportation also stresses out moving groceries and supplies from production centers to distribution centers servicing consumers, trying to meet the consumption rate. It is an equation in function of production, distribution, and time. I wonder what will happen when the population reaches 10 billion, if we are struggling now that the population is barely over 7.2 billion people on earth. Prices, obviously will rise to the sky, will the common people afford to live? That’s the question. Free trade is the natural way men have used since the beginning of humanity. It is the way we exchange products and services. Thus free enterprise and free market are necessary economic exchange we must preserve. The idea of accumulating capital is not evil; however egotistical capitalism based on greed and dishonest or illegal methodologies is , and should, not be acceptable or tolerated.

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  1. added on 5 Sep, 2017

    The fruit of efforts and the products thereof are property of those who makes them. The more a man works and produce, the more value that man accumulates. Therefore, all men are capable of accumulating wealth. In honest economic societies where wealth is earned through fair, just, and honest means, economic differences evolve by the intensity of efforts and the productivity rates ean man generates. However, our societies and their government must endeavor to close the economic gaps by providing meant and methods to those less capable members.

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